Офисное пространство Global Ports

Курс на эргономику, продуктивность и лояльность сотрудников

The company moved to St. Petersburg and did not want to lose staff due to the move.

For this purpose, a decision was made to create a functional office: all working spaces were formed in accordance with ergonomics, additional socket units were installed for convenience, to save space for the drawer are used as seats for visitors, tables are equipped with acoustic screens that suppress unnecessary noise in the room. For all employees, orthopaedic armchairs have been installed to reduce unnecessary strain. The office is equipped with a microclimate system, which also helps employees to feel better and increase their productivity during the day.

As a result, these solutions allowed to increase the loyalty of employees to the company, to keep the main staff when moving, to increase the productivity of employees and to increase the image of the company as a whole. 

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